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Since its inception, SpeakPulse has provided speech and communication coaches with the tools to help their clients communicate more effectively in the workforce. SpeakPulse began with a recorder, a pen and paper. The goal was to help people sound better during interviews and presentations.


Today, SpeakPulse is an application that helps learners get ahead – through strong verbal communication skills and with higher confidence. Everyone has a different speaking level and different areas for improvement. Coaches and learners use SpeakPulse as a guidepost for that improvement. 

User experience

We created SpeakPulse by thinking about the ease of use for learners.  No one likes cluttered applications, waiting to see the results of their assessment or having to repeatedly contact customer support.


From the start of an assessment to receiving their results, users will receive a comprehensive speech assessment in less than two minutes.  With an intuitive user interface, we receive a customer support request for only 1 out of every 200 assessments.


Elevate Your Communication

User outcomes

Job seekers and learners will realize the following outcomes:


  • 85% will show increased confidence levels
  • By simulating an interview setting, they will be prepared to answer real-world questions
  • They will uncover where their strengths and weaknesses are (too many fillers, speaking too fast, etc)
  • They will show increased professionalism
  • They will have better stage presence through practice
  • They will be increasingly self-aware of how they sound to other people


Whether it be a user or a coach, SpeakPulse allows you to scale with ease.


Learners can take unlimited assessments throughout the month or year, while going back to review their previous assessments, and listen to their previous recordings.


Coaches can add as many clients as they’d like, while having full visibility to their clients’ assessments results.  The extra work for adding each client is minimal – add their email and push play.

Get Insights Into Client Performance


SpeakPulse believes in providing full transparency to users so they can make improvements.


Learners immediately see their assessments results, and will always have a record of their audio recordings, transcripts, and results for each assessment.


Coaches get a full dashboard to see their learners’ engagement: number of assessments completed, assessment results, scores by category, audio recordings, and transcripts. 



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