Strategies for Acing your Job Interview

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the current unemployment rate is 3.6 percent, making it the lowest in 50 years.  It may appear to be a job seeker’s market, but this does not necessarily mean it is much easier to land your dream job.  Today’s employers are looking to hire highly qualified candidates with good verbal communication skills who can make a long-term impact on their business.  Consequently, it is more important than ever to ace your interview in order to win that highly coveted position.  Doing well in your interview preparation does not mean dazzling your potential employer with a new outfit, friendly personality and bright smile.  Learning how to improve your interview skills is critical.  Below are five strategies that can help transform you from job seeker to employee. 

Move Beyond your Network

Many people find their next job thanks to their network. However, when relocating to a new city for other reasons, your network may not be as useful in your job search. Without network connections in your new location, making a good first impression is much more important. And, you never know when you may meet someone who can introduce you to your next great job opportunity; therefore, it is key that you are able to convey in a self-assured manner your short story or elevator speech about who you are and what skills you can bring to a team.

Sonia Sethi Kohli, Director and Professional Communication Coach at The Global Speech Suite, LLC, often works with clients on streamlining the content of their elevator speech and how it is delivered.  However, in conjunction with Sonia’s client training, the speaking skills app, SpeakPulse, is used to enhance their practice by enabling them to finesses their delivery thanks to various components it analyzes.  Clients can create that excellent first impression because the app helps to improve verbal communication skills by overcoming drawbacks such as the use of filler words, mumbling, or speaking too fast.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Today’s interview process has become much more complex and unpredictable. The first step is usually a phone screen followed by an interview with human resources, but once you move beyond these initial stages it can vary widely. A general manager for a retail operation and a user of SpeakPulse, told us that during her recent job search she not only participated in multiple meetings before being hired, but unknowingly one of the interviews entailed a panel of people firing questions at her.

Furthermore, job seekers are often required to give a speech so a candidate’s presentation skills can be evaluated too.  Being able to confidently and succinctly articulate your resume is only one step in today’s unpredictable hiring process; therefore, it is crucial to improve your speaking skills.  Now with SpeakPulse, it is much easier to perfect your verbal communication because you can record yourself and play it back.  This tool not only prepares you for likely interview questions, but also evaluates your presentation skills.

Improve your Communication Skills

Have you ever noticed that often the number one requirement in job descriptions is good communication skills?  “Whatever the industry, good communication skills cannot be stressed enough.  Even tech companies such as Google are stressing the importance of soft skills,” according to Sonia Sethi Kohli.

Good communication skills are critical to not only land your dream job, but also for a variety of other reasons once you are in your new position. For example, in the healthcare market, patients are surveyed, and reimbursement rates are impacted based on the quality of the experience. This experience includes how good the communication was between a patient, and a nurse and/or doctor.

Technical/highly skills employees often have difficulty demonstrating their expertise. This may lead to missed opportunities because they do not communicate efficiently and confidentially their skillset and how much value they can bring to an organization.

SpeakPulse is an excellent tool that not only teaches you how to improve skills prior to a big interview, but can also enrich your verbal communication as you progress in your career.  It provides an opportunity to enhance one’s verbal delivery for communication during meetings and/or presentations.  As people are promoted to leadership roles, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to find the time to partake in regularly scheduled communication coaching sessions.  SpeakPulse can augment coaching with quick and easy exercises that can be completed even while traveling. 

Engage New Feedback Mechanisms

Often when people are preparing for an interview, they request feedback from their peers and/or mentors. With everyone leading such busy lives it may be difficult to receive this feedback on a timely basis. Even if you are successful in acquiring feedback, it can be biased and unconstructive.

With SpeakPulse, you have your own set of reviewers right at your fingertips.  Your strengths and weaknesses are uncovered.  Plus, SpeakPulse analytics enables you to track your progress, making interview preparation easier than ever. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

Finally, practicing is a key step in interview preparation.  ”I provide guidance, coaching and customized curriculum to my clients, but the key is to practice daily,” stated Sonia Sethi Kohli.  With SpeakPulse, the type of practice Ms. Sethi Kohli refers to can take as little as one minute per day.  The objective measures provided are useful not only to the client during interview preparation and beyond, but to Sonia as well.  It helps to set good goals and specific targets to work on during in-person sessions with Ms. Sethi Kohli.  

Ready for your Big Interview and Beyond

Landing your dream job can be within reach with the help of SpeakPulse. With this innovative software platform, you can benchmark your speaking level and practice your speech delivery when you record your answers to hypothetical questions.  You will learn how to improve your interview skills as well as your overall verbal communication by uncovering your strengths and weaknesses.  In addition, you can conveniently practice anywhere, anytime, track your progress and much more.  Simply download the application either in the Apple Store or Google Play

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