Does Public Speaking Make You Weak in the Knees?

Whether you are a high-powered executive or an intern just starting your career, good presentation skills are critical to climbing the corporate ladder.  However, almost 75 percent of people have public speaking anxiety to a certain degree.  This fear is known as glossophobia.  More women (44 percent) than men (37 percent) fear addressing a crowd.  And, over 50 percent of those with a high school education or less experience glossophobia.  

According to a recent article in Education Week, more than 80 percent of the executives and hiring managers surveyed said good verbal skills are very important, but fewer than half said recent college graduates were ready to hit that ball out of the park. In this blog, we will discuss three public speaking tips that can help to make you that star player at your first job.  To further demonstrate the importance of this advice, we interviewed Kristina, an education major at Tufts University, and a user of the speaking application, SpeakPulse.  

Three Public Speaking Tips

Practice Constantly

Practice is the first public speaking tip that can help you to become more confident in your presentation skills. This does not necessarily mean only preparing before a big speech, but it should be a task that you engage in on a regular basis.

As an education major, Kristina gives many classroom presentations and recently, she had to teach a class as part of the interview process for her summer internship. To prepare, she uses SpeakPulse before a big presentation. She found this speaking app to be a much more intense way of honing her presentation skills than just practicing in front of a mirror. “By using it regularly, regardless if I have an upcoming presentation or not, it helps me to stay on top of my game and not become rusty,” Kristina stated.

Improve Your Delivery

Many presenters worry about their delivery of a presentation but are unsure how to improve.  SpeakPulse includes inventive features that identify the areas that need to improve public speaking.  For example, it will provide an immediate transcript of the recording of your presentation, which contains exactly how many times filler words such as um, uh and like were used.  This is a feature that Kristina found particularly powerful. “Even though I took a public speaking class in high school, my teacher or fellow students never pointed out how many filler words I used during a presentation,” said Kristina. “It made me much more aware of this area that needed improvement.”  The feedback SpeakPulse provides is very specific and relevant to each user.  While other types of evaluators may hold back, this speaking app’s objectivity is critical to improving presentation skills.  And, with SpeakPulse Analytics a user can easily track their progress with certain delivery issues. 

Prepare for the Unexpected

When giving a speech, a presenter must be prepared for the unexpected is another great pubic speaking tip.  Sometimes difficult questions are asked, or an unanticipated comment comes from the audience.  Kristina found that SpeakPulse helps her to think better on her feet. “It will ask me hypothetical questions on various topics, and I am given a minute to answer them,” stated Kristina.  “Then my answers are evaluated by SpeakPulse. I find the constructive feedback helps me to provide more powerful answers, no matter what the question may be.”

Don’t Shy Away From Public Speaking

Don’t let the fear of public speaking hinder your career success.  With SpeakPulse, improve your presentation skills so you can be the star at the next event.  This easy-to-use mobile speaking app provides many valuable tools that can be used anywhere, anytime.  To experience the power of SpeakPulse firsthand, try two coaching sessions for free. It is available either in the Apple Store or Google Play

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