Looking for a Personal Speech Coach? We Have a Better Solution.

Have you ever been told by your parents, a teacher or even a boss that you need to speak more professionally, stop mumbling or you are talking too fast?  These are common speech issues that are encountered every day.  Like many other people, the founders of SpeakPulse had speech distractors that recruiters often reminded them about as they were interviewing for their first jobs after college.  They were constantly told to control their use of ums and ahs, speak slower and quit mumbling.  At the time, a personal speech coach was not an affordable option for them; therefore, they decided to develop an application that would improve speaking skills.  What started out as a recording and a marked-up spreadsheet has been developed into an innovative automated speech evaluation solution called SpeakPulse. 

Offers Unmatched Versatility

SpeakPulse is a speaking skills application that can help a variety of audiences, from high school students and job seekers to senior executives.  When the company initially began, the founders consulted with experts such as Mary Brawley, a voice clinician at Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin and now co-owner of Purple Cow Therapy.  Mary not only focuses on the ageing voice, but also has expertise in effective communication and presentation skills.  Ms. Brawley felt there was a gap between a speech disorder and effective communication.  She quickly recognized that SpeakPulse is that speaking skills app that can bridge that gap.

With baby boomers having to work longer, voice is critical to their continued success. According to Mary, “People make an impression of you within seconds, and if your voice or communication style does not portray what you want it to be, you need to address it.” Also, poor communicators can cost a company time and money. A personal speech coach is one solution, but SpeakPulse is a much more affordable option for clients. Users can engage with SpeakPulse on their own schedule to increase their awareness of their communication skills and challenge themselves to do better.

Not only clients, but also clinicians can benefit from this speaking skills app. SpeakPulse is perfect for providing baseline information, and objectively measuring progress, which is a clinician’s focus. Many clinicians still record voices, transcribe and assess manually. Now with SpeakPulse this process can be easily automated.

SpeakPulse measures many different areas of speech such as clarity, fluency, fillers and rate. By using a special algorithm, it assigns a percentage score to each component. “SpeakPulse offers many useful features and potential benefits, but its ease of use is the one I have found to be the most important,” said Ms. Brawley.

An Affordable Alternative

Effective communication is becoming increasingly important in today’s highly competitive world.  Unfortunately, a personal speech coach can be expensive.  However, SpeakPulse is an affordable alternative that can help ensure your communication skills will not hold you back from being accepted at your “reach” college or landing that dream job.  Try two SpeakPulse coaching sessions for free by simply downloading the application either in the Apple Store or Google Play

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